Welcome to Hardware Resources page

Welcome to the Hardware Resources page. I decided to create this page as I have seen an increase number of visitors e-mailing and searching for information on hardware that was related to what I have, which are PictureTel PTZ-2P camera, the TinyCam webcam software/drivers, the Elitegroup K7S6A motherboard and much more.

Rather than e-mailing to everyone individually, I am going to put all of my knowledge and resources to this website so I can share it with you all.

So, without any delay, below are the links to the hardware information that you want to find out more:

TinyCam Webcam

Elitegroup K7S6A Motherboard

Picturetel PTZ-2P Camera

Case Modding

200 Ways To Revive A Crashed Hard Drive

Mini ITX - VIA EPIA 800

DrayTek Vigor 2800 ADSL Router

Netgear HDXB101

Toshiba BDX2000 Firmware Downgrade

I hope you find these resources very useful. Please feel free to visit my message board and share your knowledge, resources, etc in the Hardware section. Thanks!