What Is Grand Theft Auto 2?

Grand Theft Auto 2 Box GTA2 features nefarious criminal activity from the Zaibatsu Corporation, purveyors of the new wonder leisure activity, Zoom Zoom, the crazy Loonies, a gang of nutters who have taken over the asylum, and the coolest street gang this side of Tokyo, the Yakuza. The Zaibatsu wear black, and run things in town, leaving other gangs to fight for the scraps. The Yakuza wear blue, drive great cars, and have the best equipment. The Loonies wear surgical green, and are anarchic hedonists who hate anyone that tries to organise things or suppress their massive consumption of recreational substances.

Each gang has it's own particular interests, aims, and above all, hatreds. These are too complex to go into in any detail here. Suffice to say, the easiest way to get respect from these psychos is to kill their worst enemies. None of the missions in the demo require you to have earned much respect, as they are all missions designed to test your loyalty and competency. However, if a gang particularly dislikes, you'll find visiting their part of town a reasonably hair raising experience.

From the manual, the story about GTA2...

Three weeks into the future. One teeming city. Seven streets gangs. Unlimited criminal opportunity.

Society is in rapid decay. With the crime rate soaring and bio-chemical dependency in healthy profilferation, you are about to have the time of your life. The city is on the edge of collapse, with law and order beginning to break down completely. people are running wild, half0addled on food-additives and semi-legal pharmaceutical pills. A giant corporation controls every aspect of society, from entertainment to organ transplants. Everything is polluted, dirty, unpleasant. Life has never been cheaper.

Fuelled with desire to make a dishonest dollar any way you can, there's a lot of work available from extremely amoral individuals looking for anyone who knows their stuff. With the police just beginning to lose their patience, the city is never going to be quite the same again.

The only thing that's organized in this town is crime. Every shady activity from brewing moonshine to blackmailing politicans is controlled by one gang or another. Every neighbourhood has local hoods that don't appreciate some new guy taking whatever he fancies. So you've got to make these hangs respect you, and give you work. If you're any good they'll employ you, and eventually trust you enough to do some serious work. But if you screw up a job or double cross them, they'll treat you accordingly like a pet food. Do whatever you want and work for anyone who will have you, but always be careful that the city doesn't bite back. You're not the only tough guy in town, and you're not the only guy looking to borrow vehicles without their owner's consent.

The Minimum Requirements To Play the GTA2 Demo Level are;