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If you're in the need of saving your GTA2 sessions, so you can go to bed or something, follow this steps. Just visit the church and walk under the neon "Jesus Saves" sign, the guy will charge you 50,000 and say "Whoh! Another soul saved". Then your session will be saved. - Found in newsgroup, by David 'The GTA Jedi' Whitney

On the second stage go towards the prison, but look on the map above the map, and above the prison there is a tiny ledge. Get opposite it on the mainland and there is a ramp. Jump it with a good car (Cop Car) and you will see another car, if you have 4-5 cops on you then if you get in the other car you will appear in a car park, with a loaded tank WITH BULLETS and a F.B.I. car with 50 bullets for the mounted machine guns. - Submitted by Tim

When you try to open the door to a cop car or other law enforcing vehicle with the lawmen in it, they always slam the door back shut. All you have to do though is keep trying to get in and eventually they will lose their grip and fall out of the vehicle. After that you can hop in and speed away! P.S. This is especially fun to do when you have have the debug cheat on and get then army after you. >:-D - Submitted by -Gamesguy-

I don't know if this really a tip, but in the second city, go to the Scientists compound and run over all the scientists you can see, most of them have good weapons, and the cops don't care if you kill gang members (they do care if you kill civilians, so be careful). - Submitted by Robbman.

Use the "Do Free Shopping" regedit trick. Then in any given Level pack your car with mines at the Gold Mines shop. Drive down a populated sidewalk as fast as you can, planting mines as fast as you can. (at this point you may have attracted the cops attention so use the debug regedit trick and hit "5" to get rid of them) now get out of the car and walk back down the road (Dont step on the mines stupid!)and you may see its raining pedestrians. A very funny joke. - Submitted by Smingee

If you wait for about a minute or so on the main screen a demo will begin to play. The neat thing is though is that you can change what happens in the demo! For example, I used the car editor program and made the Tank very fast, and in the movie the Tank was very fast too. This totally changed the outcome of the entire movie and it was quite funny to watch. Try experimenting and see what you can come up with! - Submitted by -Gamesguy-

On the second level (commercial district) you may have noticed some blue sports cars with numbers on them. If you manage to hop in one of the cars you will be teleported to "Wang's Used Cars" lot and the number of the car you got will be displayed on the garage door. Collect all 8 of these cars in secret spots on the level and on the last one you will teleport back to the used car lot where 7 of the coolest cars in the game are lined up and waiting for you! (click here for screenshot) (68KB)- Submitted by -Gamesguy-

If u having a hard time finding the saving point (curch) follow the antenna on the TV vans. - Submitted by Mr_Zombie

Use the muchcash cheat. then go in to the church and save the game, then quit, then load the game with muchcash as your name then you'll have $950000 then do it again. viola you shall follow the pink arrow and you have made it. for level 2 and 3 you have to do that more times. - Submitted by Sharken.

Flying cops: This is a on how you can let the cops fly - first you'll need to use 2 cheats:
then you just go around the town, and get a lot of cops chasing you, and when they are on foot behind you, let them approach you so they just can't touch you, and then you'll take the grenades and just trow one in front of you: it will explode right after you ran over it, and the cop will be launched. (because you're invulnerable, nothing happens to your health!) - Submited by Darth Chris.

This tip only works for the first level. When you have cops on you, and need a free way to get rid of them, just go back to the church and answer the phone. Take the car given to you out of the church area. Then the cops'll be gone. - Submitted by Kento

In the first area there is a tutorial mission. Pick up the phone, get given a car and a lecture blah blah. If you leave the tutorial mission early you get a "go try the the big city on your own" message, but it also erases your police wanted status. At anytime in the game you can pick up that phone, leave the gates and your swat team that was chasing you are now your buddies. You'll never have to get that expensive respray again. - Submitted by Tris Rogers

I like a burn-up as much as everybody else so i so i discovered a nifty way to make GTA2 just a little HOTTER, Before loading use notepad to edit NYC.GCI in the data directory, go to the fire truck and make the anti-strength 0.000, Then load the game and enter the cheats you want , Invunrability is essential, Play level 2 and take the Zaibatzu Green mission "Fire truck fun" Top phone in Zaibatzu village. When you complete the mission you can keep the truck and have a little play with your new toy. - Submitted by Andy Fosker

If you got a lots of cops behind you and you got a machine gun, you can try run backwards (thats just as kwik as forwards.) and you won't miss a shot. - Submitted by Vanhees4

Jump of a high building and fire while your jumping some cocktails or grenades, keep pushing the attack button in, dan you will be flying! - Submitted by Peedy the Cheatking

Playstation version only: When cruisin' in your nicked car press up on the control pad to change the radio station. When going round a corner, tap the brake button a couple of times to keep your speed up. - Submitted by DavidB

When you get in a car and the guy falls out, push reverse and right at the same time and you will always run him over. - Submitted by Squished Worm

When you are chased by cops, go steal a taxi and transport some people. The cops will leave automaticly. - Submitted by Wouter

When you're being chased by the cops and you need to buy some time to get them off your ass so you can get to the respray shop, slow down while they're on you're tail so that they stop also. Naturally, they'll begin to get out of the car. As soon as they get out, get moving again and you'll leave them without wheels while you speed away. - Submitted by CLM

When you enter the Redneck village in level 2, make your way towards the green mission phones (follow the green arrow). When you get to the phones, go south until you see a truck trailer, and turn in there. Underneath a tree awaits a Kill Frenzy Tank! - Submitted by CLM

Be sure to take some superfast leaps off of various ramps to cash in on the INSANE STUNT BONUS! - Submitted by CLM

An easy way to steal a cop or fbi car first stand right next to the car when it stops and just the moment they open there doors just press enter to go in and zoom as far as u can. they cant get u because there both on the floor as soon as u take there car!!! - Submitted by Soosexyithurtz

In each level there is a tank for a kill frenzy, even if the frenzy fails you get to keep the tank.......catch my drift. I usually get a few jobs done so the multiplier is 5 or 6 and then go driving. You can drive over every car even cops and they just blow's very amusing and the points just roll in. The tank can't get destroyed so you are invincible unless you stop and let the cops open the door and pull you out. - Submitted by Arachnid

When you are in the 2nd stage go north until you cannot go any further, then jump using the ramp next to the rednecks' village. You will get an insane stunt bonus and car mounted machine guns if you make it across. So why don't you go and shoot a few rednecks and find the Kill Frenzy and fry the muthers!!! Doing this will get the Z gang to like you so go and work for them on high class missions. - Submitted by Luke Armstrong

Use the $500,000 cheat and then go and save your game, exit and load it up. Repeat as nessary!!! - Submitted by Luke Armstrong

This is real fun to do when you're just looking to have a nice little party with the cops:

Get your car rigged with dynamite, and then proceed to run helpless people down. When you get four cops on you, allow some of them to follow you. Then lead them right into a roadblock, set off the dynamite, and then run like hell. I was able to get "Cop Killa" after doing this just two times! - Submitted by Virtual Duck

I've found an excellent way to get as many powerups as you want to. On the first level there are three sites which contain 2 cranes(one in each gangs area). Get a car (not trucks or vans) and park it underneath one of the cranes, This crane wil pick up the car and load it into a crusher.(you get points for this too); Then the other crane will pick up the remains and load it onto a conveyor belt. Follow the belt along and you will find a ramp. Wait here and either powerups or weapons will appear to thank you for your trouble. Note if you load a cop car you will always get a cop bribe. - Submitted by Andy Fosker

Ever wonder what those discarded brown trailer type things are in car parks and by garages? Well, they do have a purpose. First, you must steal a TRUCK CAB or TRUCK CAB SX. (you know,the coloured things with the black bit on the back?) Drive it round to the nearest burnt out 'trailer' (some have cars on top) and REVERSE into the FRONT PART. It should, hopefully lock on. It must be completely straight and in-line. If it does not work, you may be at the wrong end of it, so try the other one. The fun part comes next. When you are speeding away, hit CONTROL (CTRL) (or for playstation the shoot button), the 'trailer' should detach. If you are going fast enough, it will skid off and explode on the nearest thing when released! - Submitted by The Redbaron, London

If you don't want to be thrown out of the cop car when busted, just get out by pressing enter, you'll step out as if its a normal car...pretty dum cops... - Submitted by Onno Schoemaker

If cops are cheasing you get into a good car and drive on curved streets dont follow same road all the time . the u will lose them everything normal like nothing ever happened. - Submitted by Darek

I have found out that If you find a numbered car in the 2nd district and grab it you will be teleported to the carpark. You say that you know that far. But if you save your status and go after the SAME car the second time you get teleported to the crapark but keeping you company will be a fire-shooting fire-engine, a tank with 20 missiles, 3 wasome cars with assorted mines, oil slicks and machines cars and a special agent car with 50 machine gun. I hope this provides hours of enjoyment to whoever reads this hint. P.S. The flame thrower on the fire-engine is unlimited. - Submitted by Ness_109

In the second level, the easiest way to get hard-to-find ammo and also to get rid of cops is to use the cranes near the gangs' compounds. You just stop with whatever car you're in and make sure the cops get out of their car close enough to the crane for it to be picked up. Then haul to the conveyor, and you will get a cop bribe from the cop car and some powerup from your car. Some helpful cars are: Hachura gives you rockets, Trance-Am gives you flamethrower, and the Taxi gives you double damage. - Submitted by Mike1024.

If you find any weapon in the game collect it and then wait for a moment or so and it will appear again, collect it and repeat this until the ammo is full. - Submitted by Welshman.

Tanks for you on the third level!

Take a regular car, several rocket launcher shots, molotov cocktails, flamethrowers and a decent amount of cash, and find a respray shop. Park the car right in front of the shop, so that you can hop in and quickly respray. Start destroying vehicles in front of the shop, taking care not to destroy your vehicle. If cops start after you, spray them down with the flamethrower. You should have a large number of destroyed vehicles in front of the respray shop; enough to basically cover the screen. Keep going until the army is after you. Jump back into your car and quickly get resprayed (maybe after shooting some army men from a safe distance. (They are worth some serious cash!) Jump out of your freshly sprayed car and look around outside of all the destroyed cars. Often times there are a number of army vehicles waiting there just offscreen. Haul out the GI inside your tank and there you go. A tank with 20 rocket shots. - Submitted by Jason Griffith.

Playstation Owners: Wanna find two tanks in the second level? Easy. The first tank is difficult to find. Drive around until you find a bridge with a walkway on only one side. Get on the bridge and look toward the top of your screen for a tank. When you find it, pull to the end of the bridge and get out of the car. Then get on the walkway from THE END of it (There is an "invisible wall" if you don't). Then walk beyond the edge of the building and hop off to recieve the Tank! The second one is easier to recieve. Find the south end of the redneck area and go all the way to the left. Follow the highway you get to south until you reach the chop shop at the corner. Then go the right until you encounter a building. Circle it until you find a staircase. Hop out and climb up. Eventually, you'll encounter a tank at the top of your screen, jump down and collect your prize!! - Submitted by Obviously Incognito.


On Industrial - Level 3 - If you look at your map you will see water at the top and a lot of piers sticking out over the sea. Go up there. You will see a crane list on your map on one of them. Go up that one in a fast car (very fast) Turn to your left and you will see a big ramp 2 squares width heading west. Keep to the top edge of that ramp and go full speed over it. On your map it says your going into water but your not it is a secret island. (2 infact get onto the other by another ramp) There will be some goodies for you. Jump on the ramp south when on the second island. - Submitted by WIZZ

A good idea, especially when you are doing a mission, is when the cops start chasing you (your warning level must be one) just jump out of your vehichle and start running to back alleys. If cops aren't after you just stay there for a while and the cops will give up. If the cops are giving chase just keep running until you lose them and do find a place to hide for a while. It might take a bit to lose the cops but it is worth it so you don't screw up your mission because you had the cops bothering your ass. - Submitted by Michael T

I've figured out a way to beat the game without ever finishing a mission... It's pretty fun, although a bit repetitive.

Go someplace and die... Now, it's a bit iffy, but every so often you'll end up near three power ups: A heart, armor, and a machine gun. There are two places like this on the first level, that I know of. One in Avalon, and one on Yakuza turf. Get the power ups, then run down and shoot everything you see... Eventually the cops will come along, and if you're on gang turf the gang members will start going for you, as well. The body armor will protect you, and if you start to run out just quickly run back up to where you got the power ups and proceed to make mayhem again. If the screen becomes full of cars, then take a quic, refreshing jog around the block, making sure you arrive back where you began... I like to recite fake news reports, as I do this, things along the lines of, "A local gang-member holed himself up in an apartment building, downtown, today. Local officials say he's incredibally attractive, and he's wicked-ass with a machine gun. Here's Bob with the weather." That's not a tip, or anything, I just felt like sharing that with the world. - Submitted by JakeStallion

Drive to the bottom of the first level (downtown) you should see a small crane make go in thene make a left keep going left thene go through a ally thene you should see a killfrenzy tank (try beating my record with the tank 456200) - Submitted by WaRlOrD

If you do the invulnerability cheat then you cant get arrested. the cops will try to punch you down but they wont manage. this is also handy if you get the fbi on you , get a machine gun and shoot them carefully making sure you don't miss one shot and you get an accuracy bonus. - Submitted by Danny King.

It's very amusing and can help get cops etc off your back. Take your car to the spray shop and upgrade it with Oil Slicks. Then, find a large, busy intersection, and place a slick in each lane on all 4 sides, near the intersection. Then stand back and watch the carnage unfold as your chicanery sends traffic flying into hapless crowds of pedestrians, not to mention the other cars. It gets even more interesting when emergency vehicles attempt to respond and only add to the mess.... hang around long enough and cars will even explode after they've sustained enough damage.

The best part is, as far as I can tell the slicks remain in place for the whole game, so you can return at any time to watch the hilarity, or lead the cops into the mess. Slicks are especially useful to drop in front of pursuiing vehicles, and once you get some cash saved up the cost of $10K is a relative bargain. - Submitted by Maverick.

Have you ever wonder in the 3rd level how the army's tanks gunjust spins around and shoots at you. This can be done by anyone by holding down the tab key and using the left turn or right turn key to circle and aim and shoot. - Submitted by Andrew Kim (Chico)

Ever had a problem with the cops chasing you. If you do go to the workshop and go through the paint shop. Then they change your color of you car and your license plate. Great way to get the cops of your back if you haev the money. By the way it cost $5000 dollars and it doesn't work on tanks, cops, swat cars, fire trucks, and other government vehicles. - Submitted by Andrew Kim (Chico)

If you need a bus to get you around somewhere, simply go to the bus stop (where there is a sign of a bus on the ground) and wait. - Submitted by Zak

I found a way to get easy money. Go up to the Zarelli car crusher in level 1 (Easiest place) and crush cars to get guns, and money, then start blowing up cars outside, and when cops come, blow them up until you get a Fugitive Factor of 4, then hide deep in the fenced off area of the car crusher, and watch the money roll in! - Submitted by Melvin, the Evil Puppeteer

If you have a lot of cops on you you can just pull into an area off the street (the train station or a group of buildings like the universisty) and wait, the cops will be gone every time unless you really piss them off by killing like 40 of them, this works good when you don't have money to respray or if you are not by the church phone. - Submitted by DHBeast

When you see the gold-ish things in parking lots go get a truck cab. If you turn in just right while going backward you will hook-up to it, it turns out it is a tractor-trailer. - Submitted by DHBeast

Someone posted a tip about using truck cabs to grab the trailers laying around. Well, don't waste opportunities! It turns out that at least one of them (the one in the north end of the redneck trailer park, just west of the garage), has a sports car with Kill Frenzy vehicle machine guns! Use the truck cab to bring the trailer with the car to the RedNeck crane. When the crane puts the car on the ground, get in and shoot 100 people in 2 minutes. - Submitted by David Merrill

If you want a cop car and don't want the cops chasing you, try this simple little tip. Locate a respray garage and get some wheels. Now try to get the cops attention by running over a few people or crashing into a cop. Drive close to the respray garage and stop. Wait for the cops to jump out of their car and then run them over or you can shoot them with a machine gun. Get back into your car and drive though the respray garage. Now you have no cops on your back plus a cop car that no one claims. You can drive it around and the cops wont be after you. - Submitted by Ron Reisdorf.

On the second level, there are all these trailers lying around with cars on them. If you get a truck cab, hook it up to the trailer, and drive to a crane (NOT CAR CRUSHERS) , there's one in the Redneck area, park underneath, and get out. The crane will then lift up the car, and put it down over the other side. If you then get in the car, most of them will have Kill Frenzies in them!! GO KILL THOSE SUCKERS!! - Submitted by Jenny Dyke.

Easy tanks on third level

Go to the road just above the Zaibatsu Red Phones (heavy traffic area) and kick some ass until you get the army after you. Just above the Z entrance firstly is a ledge with army guys down below, with lots of cocktails (infinitly available at the Krishna Yellow phones) you can have lots of fun. But more importantly there are no army guys where you are, but sometimes tanks drive by on the road. So you are safe (occasionally a jeep comes along with a couple of army guys but they are easy to flame) Jack the tanks just like a normal car and bingo! Car Krusher time! I made a roadblock with 4 tanks, equipped with 20 rockets, oh the humanity!
This tactic is also useful with the first Z red phone mission (capture a tank)..making the mission easy. - Submitted by Dave 'Player' Kidman

I found a great way to finish area one or two. First, work up a decent multiplier value (about seven), then get a tank (in the second area, there's one near the green phones in Redneck town). Then, you take the tank to the sprayshop. Rig it with maximum mines, then vehicle machineguns, then oil, and then for good measure, a bomb.

Now go on a rampage, and if you're careful, you'll get enough money to leave the area in a matter of minutes (and it's fun too!). I don't recommend you do this in the third area, as the army will kick your ass. - Submitted by Randy McAndy.

On the first level, one of the yakuza missions is to steal a swat van. no problem! just find a fast car, and start nailing pedestrians. when the swat team arrives lead them to a place where there is an invulnerability, or just crush a b-type and get the power-up. then just wait for them to get out, hop in the van, and take it away. it helps to know ahead of time where you are going for the invulnarability and for the garage after capturing it. this makes it a lot easier. - Submitted by meowwmixx.

Some of you say that tanks are invulnerable. They are to bullets, but not to molotov cocktails or rocket launchers! It does take 4 rockets or 4 cocktails to destroy you though, so make sure you kill the guys quick. Also, there is a neat way the destroy tanks. If you have ever had a tank fire rockets at you, get real close to it and make sure you have molotov cocktails. Just jump over the tank a bunch, throwing cocktails at it. Make sure you have the invincible cheat on though, or else you die too. - Submitted by Wolvie

On the first level get the loonies respect up to full and then go also the Zabiatsu then go and kill a whole load of loonies with the flamethrower, this will cause the loonies to rampage and charge over to the zaibutsu, they start a rumble then the police get involved, and then both gangs turn on the police forcing the swat team to turn up and so on till the army get there and wipew out all the loonies and zaibutsu and giving you a bumper 1million dollars. - Submitted by Mindy the Crafty.

On the 2nd or 3rd level when you are being chased by special forces, steal one of their cars and crush it. Then get the respect thing on the conveyor belt. It makes one gang respect you fully. - Submitted by ANoLeafClover

If you have cops right behind you, then hit the brakes and do a 360 in your car, and hit the gas. As long as you don't have a big, slow car then the cops will turn to follow you into the 360 but guess what! The cops have a terrible turning radius. The cops would probably smash into a building close by. This trick can also be done by doing a U-turn. If you do it nicely then the cops are off of you for a while and you get to see just how many of them where behind you. - Submitted by Arkilu.

Well if your running low on cash i have a solution for you. Get a car, Park it right in front of a respray shop. Then start stealing cars and start to line them all up. (Make sure they are very close to one another or this won't work. Then when you get about 20 or so cars lined up next to eachother, Blow that first car up, and KABOOM, watch that money role in. And if you are wondering why i told you to put that car in front of a respray shop?, its becuase you might accidentaly hit some people when they explode, and the cops might come after you. So if they do u can get resprayed fast. - Submitted by kjohnson

I found a realy quick way to get a rocket launcher on the downtown level, first, you get cotails and nothing else, then you swipe a car and go to the yakuza territory, then blow yourself up with the coctail and you will start of at funabashi. now go around the building (from the left side) and go in to the j-lab run until you reach the stairs and when you do, follow them. you will end up on a bunch of blocks with a rocket launcher in front to the west and armour to the south. make the jump and get one or both the items. (P.S this is only handy if you are not cheating.) - Submitted by Kris Kuitkowski