Grand Theft Auto 2 Teasers

The nice folks at Take 2 Interactive and Rockstar teamed up with Interfield Design to make this GTA2 Teaser! The purpose of this is to give some clues about the game and its description. They made ten of them for you all to figure out. This was part of their very big promotion of the game.

I have saved all of the teasers here, so you could see what they did.

Please note: I would like to tell you one thing.. please do NOT rip this file off from my website so you could use it on your site. Take 2 Interactive, Rockstar and Interfield Design sent me this file, because they did. So, please, don't do it. Just make a link from your website to this page, Thank you for listening...

Note: You need to have Shockwave installed in order to view this teasers!

GTA2 Teaser #1 - "Stealing is... the easy part"

GTA2 Teaser #2 - "Respect is everything"

GTA2 Teaser #3 - "Top secret - GTA2"

GTA2 Teaser #4 - "The Game"

GTA2 Teaser #5 - Recreate your own vision of suburban city (Press the "No Entry" icon for more info)

GTA2 Teaser #6 - "Steal This Game"

GTA2 Teaser #7 - "The sequel to Grand Theft Auto"

GTA2 Teaser #8 - "Protect Your Self"

GTA2 Teaser #9 - "Protect Your Home"

GTA2 Teaser #10 - Protect Your Neighbourhood"