Cheats for Grand Theft Auto 2

Here, you will find all of the GTA2 Cheats available for PC and Playstation.

GTA2 Cheats for PC

To use these cheats, change the player name to GOURANGA. Press the Enter button to set it. Then edit it again and change it to one of the cheats below. After entering the cheat you can then change your name to another cheat (to enable multiple cheats) or you change your name back whatever you like, that way your high scores list has your name on it instead of a cheat.

GOREFEST - Enable Blood Splatters
EATSOUP - Free Shopping (For Car Upgrades etc.)
JAILBAIT - Unlimited "Get out of Jail" cards
GODOFGTA - ALL Weapons (Max Ammo)
MUCHCASH - Gives you $500,000
BUCKFAST - Starts a city wide riot
MADEMAN - All Respects from three gangs
LASVEGAS - Some of the people turned to Elvis clan
DAVEMOON - Basic set of weapons + max ammo
NEKKID - All people naked
CUTIE1 - 99 Lives
ARSESTAR - Keep weapons after dead
DANISGOD - Gives you $200,000
FLAMEON - Gives you Flamethrower
VOLTFEST - Gives you Electricity Ray gun
IAMDAVEJ - Gives you $9,999,999
GINGERR - Access to level one and two
SEGARULZ - Gives you 10 Bonus Multiplier
UKGAMER - Gives you all three levels
TUMYFROG - Gives you all of the Bonus Levels
SCHURULZ - Double damage powerup
HUNSRUS - Invisible
FISHFLAP - Small cars, van, lorry, etc
COCKTART - Skip exploding scores
DESIRES - Maximum wanted level
HIGHFIVE - 5x Multiplier
BIGSCORE - 10 Million points
LIVELONG - God Mode but can be arrested
BLASTBOY - All weapons
NAVARONE - All Weapons
ITSALLUP - Level select
NO FRILLS - Debug Basic Scripts
WUGGLES - Display Coordinates
BEEFCAKE - Increased Brutality
IAMASUCKER - All levels, weapons and god mode
COOLBOY - Increased Cash
BEMEALL - All Cities
MEATMAN - A Hamster runs across the screen

GTA2 Cheats for PC, using the Registry

All of these cheats can be enabled by adding/editing the registry in the GTA2 tree. Since playing the registry *can* harm your system, make *SURE* you back up your USER.DAT and SYSTEM.DAT files *before* editing it. Remember, I will *not*, I repeat, *NOT* be held responsible for people who damaged their registry. You have been warned.

Please remember, after adding this strings, you *need* to run GTA2 *directly* by running the gta2.exe file and *NOT* via GTA2 Manager.exe, because it will erase the registry strings!

Fire up the Registry editor by typing in REGEDIT in the Run command under your Start Menu. When you have it running, go to this tree, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Debug]. Once you get there, create a new String Value called do_debug_keys and set it's value to 1. This string will enable debugging stuff. Then enter the following String Values, as shown below. Set them to 1 to activate or 0 to disable. If you leave it blank, it will be marked as "disable" by default.

String Name Description
do_blood This will turns blood on.
do_invulnerable Impervious to bullets and punches, but you can still fall in the water
get_all_weapons Starts you off with all weapons and max ammo
keep_weapons_after_death As it says, you keep your weapon when you die
do_free_shopping Respray, car weapons etc for free
do_infinite_lives Gives you infinite lives
skip_fire_engines This will remove fire engines from the game
skip_busses This will remove busses from the game
skip_trains This will remove train from the game
skip_ambulance This will remove ambulances from the game
skip_police This will remove cops from the game

While you're still in the game, you could use the keys on the number pad to operate the Teleporter. Note, you need to be in a car in order for this to work.

0 Activate teleport.
8 Move north
2 Move south
4 Move west
6 Move east
5 Centre back on you.
7 Zoom out
9 Zoom in

Use the keys 1 - 5 along the top row to edit respect.

1 Cycles through respect for Gang 1
2 Cycles through respect for Gang 2
3 Cycles through respect for Gang 3
4 Cycles through Wanted Level
5 Clears Wanted Level

GTA2 Cheats for Playstation

ITSALLUP - Level select
LIVELONG - Infinate health
NAVARONE - Unlimited weapons
LOSEFEDS - No cops
DESIRES - Maximum wanted level
NOFRILLS - Debug basic script
WUGGLES - Map Location (x- y- z- coordinates)
BIGSCORE - $10,000,000
HIGHFIVE - Multiplier x5
MUCHCASH - Gives you $500,000
WUGGLES - Display coordinates