Grand Theft Auto's Tips & Hints

Here, you can get many good Tips & Hints for Grand Theft Auto to earn more points!

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The obvious way to get to the boot camp on the island in Vice Beach is to use the pavement coming from the north. However, there is a much cooler way to get to the camp. South of the island, next to the right lane of the higway, is a parked Penetrator. Just drive straight and you'll jump over to the island. Once there, it is easy to drive over the soldiers and get the Boot Camp Bonus + the Tank. - Submited by Photon
On the playstation version of GTA: Secret that the makers don't even know: If you pause the game, change the music mode to constant, open the Cd thing, and put in whatever Cd you want: It will play the Cd..... Work great with Wu-Tang 36 Chambers!! - Submited by Anonymous
Wait for the train to let off passengers. When they get off, have a flamethrower handy. Blow 'em all away. But, make sure you get on the train before it leaves. Then drive the train to the next stop and get off. Kill everyone that gets off there too. - Submited by MaTTsToNeD
To earn more points, you steal about twenty cars, and pile them all real close together. Then, fire a rocket into the group. They will all explode and you'll score major! The more cars, the more points. Try buses and tankers too. - Submited by MaTTsToNeD
Ride a car into the path of an on-coming train, forcing it to stop, then get another car and when the people come out of the train, drive towards them, if successful they will run back towards the train and get electrified...all dead! - Submited by Killer@Large
In liberty city, gansta bang: when you start just walk up a bit and you hear the couranga guys chanting. kill them and wait a bit then you see them reform around the same street. You can keep doing this and they keep coming back. - Submited by Adrian
If you punch the leader of the couranga and keep punching him and his followers, they follow you and stop when you stop( so you become the leader) and its good becuase you dont have to keep chasing them. - Submited by Adrian
If you are in a bike and you crash, just rapidly press the jump button as you go over the handle bars. You won't land on your back and instead land on your feet. This saves a lot of time if you are on a mission. - Submited by Stephen Yu
Police roadblocks don't cover the pavements so you can just drive through it and not on the road. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Get a machine-gun or a flame-thrower, stand in front of the Gouranga group leader and shoot. You'll get around 100000 points and the cops after you. But don't worry you've always got the AUTO shop! - Submited by Andy
If you steal a bus (coach) and the cops are after you they try to ram you from behind and they explode. - Submited By Hypertony
If you are ever on fire and near a water pond or something, you can run in it and put yourself out, but beware you have about 1 or 2 seconds to get in and out before you die. - Submited By Smooth
I have found that when you are in a fast car and need to get some place in a hurry using the brake when turning is a good way to get through turns fast. That way you don't have to take the turn wide a lose valuable time. - Submited By Peter
Lots of bonuses are hidden in "unexpected areas". - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Remember you can fire weapons while running backwards. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Only with four heads will police open fire first. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
When fleeing police on foot, jump over cars to lengthen your lead. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
You can't be hit by cars when standing on the bottom few steps of a bridge, but you can shoot. Handy for multiplay! - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Scare people onto railway tracks for big bonuses! - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Take control of a train by pressing attack after boarding. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
If you steal a cops car and drive over that cop with the car you make 7000 points. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
With the rocket launcher, when your near that Monk group or people in Orange wait until they are walking beside a building and fire! I got about 400,000 points! - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Instead of running over a cop with their own car, you could shoot them with a flame thrower and you'll get 3,000 points! - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
First off get a nice car usually a truck because when they get to full speed, they destroy anything then after wrecking a few cars, a fire engine will turn up, get in and wreck havoc to earn more points! - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Shoot somebody so that cops are pretty pissed off. Then when he arrives, you can take his car without shooting him. The advantage you have over the cops is that you can jump over cars. So when the cop arrives you only have to stand on the opposite side from the door that he gets out of and then when he gets out wait until he is nearly on the side that your on and then jump over his car and get in. This way you get his car without having your wanted level going above 1. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
If you're not on a mission where your wanted level is important then run over the cop in his own car and you get 7000 or 14000 points. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
Another way to get hold of cop cars is to steal one and park it right next to a spray shop. Pick up another car and drive it in. Hey presto, the cops aren't after you any more and there's a police car waiting for you to just drive away. Make sure the empty police car doesn't go off screen, though, as it will just disappear. - Submited by HyPeRtOnY
The easiest way to get multiple cop cars on San Andreas. All you have to do is to get one, go to the car impound, leave it between the doors, and hey presto, a large amount of nice civilian and cop cars will be arriving. - Submited by HyPeRtyOnY
We all know the cops wont drive on the pavement - so take your car to a place where the only access is via pavement, and just drive around splatting pederstians and ambulence crews - stay in the car though!!!... There is one place in the first episode where, after splatting loads of bystanders, you can park up near a bridge - the cops will get out of their cars and run after you the shortest route- off the edge of the bridge and fall to their death... also if your really lucky you get some nice cop carnage on the roads as cop cars smash into each other. - Submited by Anonymous
Park your car next to a spray shop, kill a pedestrian, and then wait for a cop to arrive. Run him over, and then get the car resprayed. The cop car should still be sitting there waiting for you, and you'll be level 0. - Submited by ^^JerIk^^
A Cool way to kill Frenzie. - From Vice beach (the island) go down to bottom right corner of the island and accross a footbridge and into an army camp.

Another is near the top left of the map and to get it you have to use the superbike and drive up a ramp and accross a roof jump to an enclosure where it is then once inside you can exit through a newly opened door. For best effects drive down the road with your barrel turned 90 degrees and keep firing at cars going the other way (cars in front of you will be crushed) - Submited by Anonymous
When you get in a fast car that you aren't too used to, drive in the middle of the screen and you will find it much easier to avoid oncomming trafic. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

If you are tryin to get away from a cop and you are on foot, wait for him around the other side of his car then, when he come around your side slide over his car and jump in. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

When you are drivin under a bridge no other cars can sneak under or be uner the bridge unless they pass through the other side of the screen where you can see them coming so you are safe to speed through. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

When you get into the model cars, if you get up to the top speed in one you can go through fences but watch out because you will have to blow yourself up to get out again if there isn't enough room to gain speed behind the fence. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

If there is a road block ahead of you turn around because you have no chance of getting through the middle or whatever without getting shot by a cop. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

If you are infront of a stopped car and you are afraid that it will take off if you walk round to get in you just have to shoot it once and the driver will get out. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

All cop cars that you don't shoot or ram even if they don't look too hot will always be good as new so don't worry if you think that you are getting in a car that will explode. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

If you burn a cop with your flame thrower you can chase him and shoot him with your machine gun if you can change guns quick enough so that when you shoot him he is like a ball of fire with blood everywhere. - Submited by JJ the GTA Master

In Liberty City, find a pedestrian overpass. When a pedestrian comes shot him with your flamethrower. Do that untill the cops come. stand in the corner. When a cop comes shoot him with your flamethrower. Do that with every cop untill you run out of flamethrower. When you do use the machine gun. - Submitted by Malanchuk1

In the san andreas city, with the crazy guy (not the chinese), there's a green penetrator in northeast richman. get in it and drive in a straight line with the peddal to the metal. You'll get a insane stunt bonus!! - Submitted by WOut Mager

If you want a car to climb a steep slope, then follow to following instructions: Accelerate, Press Brake but keep accelerating, and you'll be able to climb a steep slope. - Submitted by Kento.

Steal something big like a tanker, then load it with a bomb, then piss the police off. Ram the car between two buildings, arm the bomb and hide behind the tanker far enough away, then KKKKAAAABBBOOOOMMMM!!!! It's really funny! - Submitted by Kathy Wilson.